Shanmuga Kavacham by Pamban Swamigal

To derive the full benefit of the recital of Shanmuga Kavacham, the following invocation verse composed has to be recited first and then the kavacham.



Sri Pamban Swamigal

The Kavasam starts here.

Andamaai avaniyaagi ariyonaap poruladhaagi
Thondargal gurovumaagi thugalaru daivamaagi
Enthisai poatranindra ennarul easanaana
Thinthiral Saravanaththaan dhinamumen sirasaik kaakka

May my Lord *Saravanathan, the Almighty, who is pervading all spheres of the Universe (including the Heaven and Earth); Who is the Eternal Truth transcending the Mind, World and Body; the celestial Guru to His ardent devotees; who is flawless and pure; praised by all from the eight directions (of the World) and Who is my ever gracious Lord, Eswara; protect my Head every day.

Aadhiaam kayilaichchelvan aninetri thannaikkaakka
Thaathavizh kadappanthaaraan thaanirunudhlaik kaakka
Jothiaan thanikaieasun thurisilaa vizhiyaikkaakka
Naadhanaam kaarlhikeyan naasiyai nayandukaakka

Note: Saravanathan Lord Muruga emerged as an Avathar, with His six sacred Faces and twelve mighty Arms. From the six sparks of fire which fleshed out of the central eyes (in the foreheads) of Lord Siva They were carried and left by the Holy Ganges in the cool, fragrant. grassy pond known as Saravana poigai on the Himalayas. Hence our Lord is known as Saravanathan or Saravanabhavan i.e. One Who was born in Saravana poigai.

May my Lord Muruga Who is the basic Source and Cause of everything and the darling (Son of Lord Siva) of Mount Kailas, protect my lovely Forehead; may the Wearer of the fragrant kadamba garland, protect my Eye-brows; and the glorious effulgent Delty Thanigesan of *Thiruthanigai, protect my spotless, clear Eyes; the divine Babe and the Lord of the six Karthigai maids (i.e. stars, who fed our Lord with their breast-milk in Saravana poigai) protect my Nose willingly. After vanquishing Surapadma and the Asuras, when His (righteous) wrath against the evil doers was quelled and cooled. our Lord hath come down to Thiruthani (to wed Goddess Valli) and He is seated on this holy hillock (after the wedding) in a quiet and tranquil repose (as denoted by the very name of this place) with His beloved consorts Sri valli and Sri Devasena (Itcha and Kriya sakthees) to confer His perennial Grace on His devotees. Thus Thiruthanigai ranks first and foremost of all the hill temples.

Irusevigalaiyum sevvel iyalpudan kaakka vaayai
Murugavel Kaakka naappal muzhudumnal kumarankakka
Thurisuaru kadhuppai yanaiththundanaar thunaivan kaakka
Thiruvudan pidarithannai sivasubra maniyan kaakka

May my Lord, the Holder of the red, glowing Vel (Who rouses in us the longing for Mukthi) protect my twin Ears to function normally. may Murugavel-the ever-young, all beautiful, Fragrant Lord protect my Mouth; may the benevolent Lord Kumara protect my Tongue and Teeth; and the younger Brother of Lord Ganesh (with His Elephant Face and Trunk resembling the Form of and signifying the basic manthra “Om”) protect my spotless Cheeks; May Lord Sivasubramania (a harmonious combination of Siva, the Father and Subramania, the Son; Who are not different but One and the same Divine Entity) protect my rear Neck to keep it lovely!

Note: Thiruthanigai is the fifth of the six Padaiveedoos (Eminent places of worships) of our Lord and it is the crowning jewel of all His hill temples.

Easanaam vaaguleyan enadhu sundaraththaik kaakka
Thesuru tholvilaavum thirumagal marugan kaakka
Aasuilaa maarbai earaaru aayudhankaakka, enthan
Esuilaa muzhangaithannai ezhil kurinjikkone kaakka

May Lord Muruga, the Repository of the wealth of Divine Grace and the darling Child of Karthigai maids protect my Neck; May the *Son-in-law of goddess thirumagal (Lakshmi) protect my Shoulders and ribs to keep them beaming and brawny; May our Lord with His twin-six weapons (including the Vel) in His twelve hands protect my flawless robust Chest; May the (Old) Chief of the flourishing *Kurinji (Mountain) Land (in Tamilnadu, the favourite resort of our Lord) protect my Elbows which are unblemished!

Note: (1) Son-in-law of Thirumagal When the Devas (including Lord Vishnu and Brahma) were teased and tormented by the cruel Surapadma and the Asuras, they approached Lord Siva for succour, Who promised to send His son Kumara (to he born) to vanquish the Asuras and to release the Devas from their tyranny. This consoling assurance brought down two tears of joy from the eyes of Lord Vishnu which got transformed into two lovely maids known as
Amirtha-Valli and Sundara-Valli. They vowed to marry none but Lord Muruga and performed penance for several years. Our Lord appeared before them and promised to marry them in the next birth of one of them in Devaloka i.e. as Sri Deivayanai (daughter of Indra) and the other in Booloka i.e. as Sri Valli (daughter of the red deer). He fulfilled His promises to both of them and so, our Lord is aptly styled as the son-in-law of Thirumal and Thirumagal (2) Kurinji land: Most of the shrines of our Lord are located on hills and elevated places in the rocky parts (of South India)
known as Kurinji land. Unlike the other Deities seated in temples on the plains, our Lord is enshrined in plates higher above us which signifier that He watches and protects us from above. Hence out Lord is known as the Old Chief of the Kurinji land, though in fact He is a perpetual youth of peerless beauty.

Urudhiyaai munkai thannai umai ilamathalai kaakka
Tharukan eridave enkaith thalathai maamurugan kaakka
Purangaiyai ayilone kaakka porikkara viralgal paththum
Pirangu maalmarugan kaakka pinmudhugaich seai kaakka

May my Lord, the younger son of Goddess Uma, protect my Fore-arms to keep then strong and sturdy! May Lord Muruga, the God Supreme, protect both my Hands in full to keep them mighty and manly; may the holder of the sharp, powerful Vel protect the back portion of my Palms, (which alone is visible when they are joined together during our prayers to our Lord) May the son-in-law of our great and glorious Thirumal protect the Ten fingers of my hands which are indispensible for all handicrafts and manual labour; may the young divine Lord, Kumaresan, protect my Back.

Note: Muruga the god supreme: Lord Muruga is held in high esteem and adored as superior even to the Trinity (i.e. Lord Siva. Vishnu and Brahma) for the following reasons:


Our Lord imprisoned Brahma for his failure to explain the import of Pranavam i.e. “Om” and He performed the
creative function (till Brahma was released by Him) with great ability, dexterity and rapidity, producing the best specimens of living beings.

Our Lord was praised and adored by God Vishnu to whom our Lord restored the Chakra and Conch forcibly
seized from Vishnu by Tharakasoora but recovered from him by our Lord after vanquishing that Asura (brother of Surapadma).

Our Lord taught His Father, God Siva, the significance of the holy Pranavam by assuming the role of a Guru. This does not, however mean that Lord Siva did not know the import of Pranavam, This incident was just to disclose to the world the greatness of His beloved son Who is no other than Lord Siva Himself.

Above all, the lotus Feet of our Lord adorn the heads of the Devas on wham He conferred a fresh and flourishing life after liberating them from the tyrannical bondage of Surapadma.

Thus our Lord Muruga is, undoubtedly, superior to all other Deities and rightly styled as the God of Gods or Deva Devan.

Oonnirai vayitrai manjai oorthiyone kaakka vambuth
Tholnimir suresan undhich chuzhiyinaik kaakka Kuyya
Naaninai angi gowri nandanan kaakka beeja
Aaniyaik kandan kaakka arumugan kuthaththaik kaakka

May my Lord, the Rider on the blooming multi-coloured *Peacock protect my Stomach which contains food; may the Lord of Devas with His elevated, fragrant shoulders protect my Navel bud: may the Son (who emerged from the devine sparks) of Goddess Gowri who is our Lord Kanda protect our Private parts; May Arumuga (the six-faced Deity) protect the Anus.

Enjidaathu iduppai velukku iraivanaar kaakka kaakka
Anjaganam orirandum aran magan kaakka kaakka
Vinjidu porut kangeyan vilaradith thodaiyaik kaakka
Sencharan nesa aasan thimirumun thodaiyaik kaakka

Note: Peacock and Cock: After a tough and terrible fight and in the last stage of the battle, Surapadma transformed himself into a mango tree. Our Lord forcibly cast His mighty Vel (with lightning rapidity) which split the tree into two halves, one of which became the Peacock and the other became the Cock. when they surrendered at the lotus Feet of our Lord. He took both of them into His fold with His infinite grace (mahakarunai) even towards His Foe. Thus the
Peacock become His Divine carrier and the Cock adorns His banner of Victory to serve our Lord for ever. This shows the magnanimity of our Lord.

May the Lord of the Invincible *Vel protect my Hip to keep it firm without any slackness or instability; May the beloved Son of God Siva protect my twin lovely Buttocks; May the foster son of Ganges (Kangeyan) and the Embodiment of Eternal Truth protect the twin-split portions of my Back thighs; May my supreme God (and the saviour of my soul) with His red lotus Feet protect the Front portion of my robust Thighs.

Eragath thevan enthaal irumuzhang kaalum kaakka
Seerudaik kanaikkal thannaich cheeralai vaiththe kaakka
Nerudaip paradu irandum nigazh parangiriyan kaakka
Seeriya kudhikkaal thannaith thiruchcholai malaiyan kaakka.

May the Presiding Deity of Thiruyeragam# (Swamimalai) protect my two Knees; may the Deity of Seer Alaivoi
(Thiruchendur) protect my well-set Ankles; May the Lord of the renowned Paramgiri (Thirupparamkundram) protect my two wellformed Heels.

Note: Vel represents the Divine Wisdom (Gnanasakthi) which is conferred on His devotees by Lord Muruga. This divine weapon was given to Him by His Father Lord Siva, (with the blessings of His Mother Sakthi) to vanquish Surapadma and his powerful Asura-force.

The Vel is pointed at its top, broad in the middle and thick at its base which signifies the subtlety and sharpness, width and depth of the divine lore. The dazzling Kathirvel, which radiates like the rays of the Sun, dispels the darkness of Ignorance and Illusion, the dismal effects of our Ego and Karma to enlighten us to achieve the ultimate
End of Life i.e. salvation.



Thiruyeragam: Otherwise known as Swamimalai which is considered as Hridayakamalam (i.e. the seal of divine illumination) is the Fourth Padaiveedu where our Lord taught His lather, God Siva, the import of ‘Om’,
i.e. Pranavam.

Thiruchendur: Otherwise known as Seer Alaivoi (on the sea shore) is the second Padaiveedu where our Lord is seated in his martial grandeur with His victorious Vel after putting an end to Surapadm

Iyyuru malaiyan paathathu amarpaththu viralum kaakka
Paiyyuru pazhaninaadha paran agham kaalaik kaakka
Meyyudan muzhudum aadhi vimala shanmukhavan kaakka
Deiva naayaka visaakan dhinamumen nenjaik kaakka

May our beautiful young Lord Kumaresan of the hill-temples protect the ten Toes of my feet; May our Lord (Nathaswaroopa) of the green Palni hill protect Soles of my feet; May the pristine pure Lord Shunmuga, the basic cause for all Beings and things, protect my Entire body; May the god of Devas and the Lord (of His birth-star) Visaka be ever in my mind to protect it from the desires and distractions of the World!

Oliezha uraththa satthathodu varubhoothap pretham
Balikol iraakkathappei palaganaththu evai aanaalum
Gilikola enaivel kaakka keduparar seyyum soonyam
Valiula manthra thanthram varuththidaathu ayilvel kaakka


(iii) Paramgiri: i.e. Thirupparamkundram is the first Padaiveedu where Indra gave in marriage to our Lord his (foster) daughter Sri Deivayanai (Kriya Sakthi) as a token of his gratitude to our Lord for His gracious help in liberating the Devas from the tyranny of Surapadma and for conferring on them a fresh end prosperous Life.

(iv) Solaimalai: is the last end sixth Padaiveedu where our Lord is in a happy and lovely pose amidst the dense cluster of shady trees in a secluded hilly tract (near Madurai) with His beloved consorts, to confer on His devotees the sweet Bliss and ever lasting peace.

May the peerless, powerful Vel of my Lord Muruga terrorize and drive out (from my presence) the ghosts and apparitions which threaten me with their huge noise and uproar, the Raksha Devil which longs for and lives upon animal and human sacrifice and Evil Spirits of all kinds which are apt to cause distress and deadly effects on me.

May the sharp Vel of my Lord protect me from the bad effects of sorcery, witchcraft and the Like, performed by wicked persons and from the powerful effects of their Manthras and Thantras!

Note: Palani is the third Padaiveedu where our Lord revels in His divine pose as an Andi (i.e. Ascetic) with His sacred Body smeared with the holy ash, wearing nothing but a “Kowpeenam’. His celestial Hand holding the Mace ( to destroy the evil forces) and to impress on His teeming millions of devotees the need for austerity and a detached frame of mind with a feeling of renunciation of the pleasures of Life so as to attain His lotus Feet and enjoy the Eternal Bliss!
Legend says that this place has been rendered sacred due to the following incident. Sage Narada took a rare mango fruit to be presented to Lord Siva and Uma Devi. Their two sons, Ganesh and Kumar, vied with each other for getting the fruit from their parents. To settle the matter amicably between them, Lord Siva said that who ever of them went round the world First would have the prize of the fruit. Lord Kumara immediately started His flight (with lightning rapidity) on His Peacock. But Lord Ganesha could not do so with His bulging belly and big body. He hit upon a plan. As the entire Creation is in the womb of Goddess Uma and as Lord Siva is the Progenitor of all the world, Ganesh went round them and got the fruit, urging that He fulfilled the mandate of His Father in its spirit and essence.

Lord Muruga who was amazed and upset on seeing the fruit in the hand of His Brother, quietly left Mount Kailas to His lonely Abode at Palni, renouncing His Pomp and Parents. He would not return inspire of the entreaty of His parents and They appropriately praised our Lord that though He did not get the mango fruit, yet He was the Fruit of Divine Wisdom to the World!

Ongiya seetrame kondu uvanivil vel soolangal
Taangiya dhandam ehkan thadi parasu eattiaadhi
Paangudai aayudhangal pagaivar en mele oachin
Theengu saiyaamal ennaith thirukkaivel kaakka kaakka.

May the powerful Vel in the sacred Hand of my Lord protect me from any injury or harm sought to be done to me by
my wrathful foes with their fierce weapons of sword, bow, Vel, trident, mace, wheel, stick “Parazu”, spear etc. (may His Vel be an impregnable shield to guard me from the onslaughts of my Foes!)

Ovviyamular oonuboar asadarpey arakkar pullar
Thevvargal evaraanaalum thidamudan enaivel kattath
Thavviye varuvaraayin saraasara melaam purakkum
Kavvudaich choorachandan kaiayil kaakka kaakka

May the sacred Vel (which safeguards all the worlds), of my Lord Muruga, Who was a terror to the wicked Surapadma who was ever ready to pounce on his foes, protect and guard me) if those who are jealous, flesh-eaters, mean, devilish, cruel(like Asuras) ignorant and enemical towards me, daringly come to pounce upon, embrace and wrestle with me with a foul and firm determination!

Kaduvidap paandhal singam karadi naaipuli maayanai
Kodiya konaai kurangu kola maarchaalam sambu
Nadaiyudai Edanaa lenum naan idarp pattidaamal
Sadithiyil vadivel kaakka saanavi mulaivel kaakka

May the bright, beautiful Vel of my Lord, the foster son of Ganges, come to my aid quickly to protect and prevent any harm to be done to me by the deadly poisonous snakes, lion, bear, dog, tiger, mighty elephant, cruel wolf, monkey, pig, cat, fox and such other quadrupeds.

Nngakarame polthazhee gnaanavel kaakka vanpull
Sikarithel nandukkaali seyyan eru aalappalli
Nagamudai oandhi pooran nalivandu puliyinpoochi
Ugamisai ivaiyaal erkkoar oorilaadhu aivelkaakka

My Lord! Just as the Tamizh letter “Nn” is an adjunct to the other letters of that language (by embracing them), may Thy supreme Vel of divine Wisdom (Gnanasakthi) likewise protect me and those of my coterie of Thy devotees! May the Vel also guard me against any harm to be caused to me by the species of cruel birds, rat, scorpion, “Nandukkali”, “Seyyan”, poisonous Lizard, “Vonan”, “Pooran”, spider and other slim bodied poisonous insects.

Jalaththil uyyvanmeen eru thandudaith thirukkai matrum
Nilaththilum jalaththilumthaan nedum thuyar thararke ulla
Kulathinaal naan varuththam kondidaathu avvav velai
Balahththudan irundhu kaakka paavagi koorvel kaakka

May the sharp Vel of my Lord Muruga Who emerged from the divine sparks (from the eyes of Lord Siva) afford me, with its immense power, timely protection from any danger or distress to be caused to me by the crocodile which is powerful in water and the pointed long-horny fish known as ” Thirikkai” as also by the brood of other cruel beings Living on earth or in water!

Nnjaamaliyam pariyan kaivel navagrahak koal kaakka
Sumavizhi noygal thantha soolai aagraana roagum
Thimirkazhal vaatham soagai siramadi karna roagum
Emai anugaamale panniru bhuyan jayavel kaakka

May the Vel in the sacred Hand of our Lord on the beautiful Peacock guard us from the mal-aspects of the Planets!
May the victorious Vel of my Lord, with His twelve robust shoulders, protect us from the diseases of the eye, tooth, nose and ear, Thimirnoi, Vatham and Sogai (i.e. Anaemia ).

Damarukaththu adipole naikkum thalaiidi kanta maalai
Kumuru vippurudhi gunmam kudalvali eazhai kaasam
Nimironaadhu iruththum vettai neerp prameham ellaam
Emai adaiyaamale kunru erindavan kaivel kaakka

May the vel in the sacred Hand of my Lord, Who split the Krouncha mountain, protect us from the approach and affliction of acute diseases such as the terrible headache which torment the head, beating like a drum, Adenitis neck (Kandamaalai), the severe hook-worm disease, Intestinalcolic, Bronchitis, Asthma, Tuberculosis the deadly disease of Gonorrhea (Which disables us from holding erect, or even rising from the bed) and Diabetes.

Inakkam illadha piththa erivu maajurangal kaikaal
Munakkave kuraikkum kushtam moolaven mulai theemantham
Chanaththile kollum jannijaalam enru araiyum indhap
Pinikkulam enai aalaamal perumchaththi vadivel kaakka

May the Invincible Vadivel of my Lord save me from the deadly sway of the family of poignant diseases such as the Pile (which causes burning sensation in the stomach) Virulent fever, Leprosy which reduces and deforms the fingers of the hands and toes of the feet, Piles, Peptic Ulcer, Dypepsia and Sinusitis (Janni) which causes death in no time.

Thavana Maarogam vaadham sayithiyam arochakam mei
Suvarave seyyum moolachoodu ilaippu udatra vikkal
Avadhisei bhedhi seezhnoi anda vaadhangal soolai
Evaiyum ennidaththu eidaamal embiraan thinivel kaakka

May the strong and impregnable Vel of my Lord protect me from the disease which causes perpetual unquenchable thirst (by drying up the tongue), Vatham, Sayithiam, Arosagam, internal excess of bodily heat which reduces us with a wasting effect, undue and prolonged tiresomeness, Hiccough, diseases causing Pus, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Anda-vaathum and Soolai (accute stomach pain).

Namaippuru granthi veekkam nanugidu paandu sobham
Amarthidu karumai venmai aghupal thozhunoi kakkal
Imaikku munuruvalipoadu ezhupudaip pahandharaadhi
Imaip pozhudenum ennai eidhaamal arulvel kaakka.

May the Gracious Vel of my Lord protect me from the infliction, even for a moment, of the dire diseases of Granthi
(which causes itching sensation), the disease of Paandu which causes swelling, Leprosy of white and black colour, vomiting and the disease of Pavuthram which appears in no time, causing no little pain.

Palldhu kadiththu meesai padapa aenre thudikkak
Kallinum valiya nenjam kaattiye urutti nokki
Ellinum kariya meni emapatar varinum ennai
Ollaiyil thaarakaari om-ayim reem vel kaakka

When the messengers of Yama, with their bodies darker than pitch-dark night, hearts harder than stone, biting their teeth, rolling their fierce eye-balls and twitching their moustaches with grim looks, approach me (to snatch away my life), may the owerful Vel of my Lord (Muruga), Who vanquished the Asura Tharakan rapidly come to my rescue and save me with its divine all-powerful manthra “Om, Ayim, Reem”!

Mannilum maraththin meedhum malaiyilum neruppin meedhum
Thannirai jalaththin meedhum saarisei oorhti meedhum
Vinnilum bilaththin ullum verenrtha idaththum ennai
Nanni vantharulaar shashti naathanvel kaakka kaakka.

May the sacred Vel in the Hand of my ever-gracious Lord *Shashtinathan come to me, of its own accord, and protect me wherever I may be, whether on earth, tree, mountain, fire or in cool water or when I ride in a vehicle or even if I be in the sky or underground or in any other place, anywhere!

Yakarame polsool enthum narumpuyan velmun kaakka
Akarame mudalaam earaaru ambakan velpin kaakka
Sagarmodu aarum aanone thankaivel naduvil kaakka
Sikaramin deva moli thikazhaivel keezhmel kaakka.

May the sacred Vel of my Lord, Who hath on His divine fragnant shoulder the three pointed trident (resumbling the Tamil letter (uu), protect me In Front ; May the Vel of my Lord with His twelve sacred eyes (like the twelve vowels of the Tamil alphabet commencing with the letter (9() protect me on the Back side ; May the Vel of my Lord with His Name of six letters (in Tamil i.e., Saravanabhava) commencing with the first letter (a) “sa” protect me in the Mid-portion, May the pioneer Vel of my Lord, adorned with the mighty Crown of Divine Glory, protect me from above and below.

Note: Shashthinathan: The sixth day in the growing phase of the moon of a Tamil month is the shashti day considered as sacred to propitiate our Lord and the six days of Skanda Shashti in the months of October-November each year are the most sacred days. When the ardent devolccs of our Lord observe rigorous last and perform
continuous poojas, day in and day out, for the Victory of our Lord in His fierce battle with Surapadma on those days. When our Lord put an end to the Asura on the sixth day (Soorasamhara), His devotees break their fast on the next day and celebrate the Victory with boundless joy. Thus, our Lord is known as Shashtinathan (i.e. the Lord Who came out victorious during the period of shashti).

Ranjitha mozhi devaanai nayakan valli pangan
Senjaya vel kizhakkil thiramudan kaakka angi
Vinjidu thisaiyin gnana vceranvel kaakka therkil
Enjidaak karthir kaamathone igaludaik karavel kaakka.

May the victorious Vel of my God Muruga Who is the Lord of the sweet-tongued Sri Deivayaanai and lovely Life-partner Sri Valli(our Divine Mother) protect me ably well on the Easternside; May the Vel of the Hero of Divine Wisdom guard me on the South eastern side (swayed by the God of Fire);May the powerful Vel of the sacred Hand (which destroyed its foes) of my Lord of *Kathirkamam Who never retracted in battle, protect me on the South.

Note: Kathirkamam is the sacred place of our Lord in Ceylon which is held in high esteem by his devotees as it is eminently suited for penance to quench our thirst for spiritual Bliss. Our Lord is Formless in this shrine, though his lovely form and those of His consorts Sri Valli and Sri Deivayanai are to be seen painted on the screen hung up at the entrance.

The version is that a great saint known as Kalyana Munivar came from Northern India to this place and performed rigorous penance for many years to invoke the powerful Grace of our Lord which, when he had, was confined and concealed by him in a box, by his yogic power, to be taken away to his place for daily worship. While he was contriving to remove the box one day, Goddess Valli, Who played the role of his trustworthy servant-maid for some days, look away the box on her head, assisted by our Lord in His pose as the servant and Her Husband. When both of them ran towards the shrine, chased by the saint (who could not snatch away the box), they entered the temple and disappeared.

When the saint felt aggrieved and disappointed at the failure of his plan, he was consoled by our Lord and ordained to spend the rest of his life at the Feet of our Lord in Kathirkamam. The saint gladly obeyed the mandate and passed away in the sacred place where his tomb is kept enshrined. It is understood that this sacred box, which contains the Essence of Divine Grace of our Lord, is worshipped with all veneration and taken out on the back of an elephant only on festival occasions. Our Lord hath wrought several miracles in this place to bless and convince His devotees of His supreme power. Above all, this place served as the Military Base to Our Lord Who halted here for some days before he set out in his Martial Glory to fight with Surapadma in his beautiful Island Kingdom admist the seas (Veeramahendrapurem).

Lakarame pol kaalingan nalludal neliya ninru
Thakara marthaname seida sankari marugan kaivel
Nigazh enainiruthi thikkil nilaiperak kaakka merkil
Igal ayilkaakka vaayuvinil guhan kadirvel kaakka.

May the Vel of the sacred Hand of my Lord Muruga; Son-in-law of Lord Thirumal (with the conch in His hand) Who
danced on the back of the big black body of Rakshasa Serpent known as Kalingan when its strength was crushed and its body trembled, twisted and curved like the Tamil letter “su” “LA” protect me (in my devotional pose) on the South western side; and may the dazzling, radiating (Kathir) Vel of Kuga (the dweller of the cave of our hearts) protect me on the North western side.

Vadathisai thannil easanmagan arul thiruvel kaakka
Vidaiudai easan thikkil veda bhodakan velkaakka
Nadakkaiyil irukku gnaanrum navilkaiyil nimirkaiyil keezh
Kidakkaiyil thoongum gnaanru girithulai ththulavel kaakka.

May the sacred Vel of the beloved Son of Lord Easwara guard me on the Northern side; May the Vel of my celestial
Guru Who taught the Vedas protect me on the Northern side, pertaining to Lord Easwara Who rides on the bullock
(representing the four footed Dharma Devatha); May the Almighty Vel of my Lord, Which pierced right through the
krownji mountain, protect me when I walk, sit, speak, get up, lie down or sleep tie. in all poses and at all times during day and night.

Izhandu pogaatha vaazhvai eayumuth thaiyanar kaivel
Vazhangunal loonun pothu maalvilai yaaltin pothum
Pazhanjurar potrum paatham paninthu nenjadakkum pothum
Sezhungunath thode kaakka thidamudan mayilum kaakka.

May the Vel in the Hand of my Lord Muthayyan, which confers on me the life of Eternal Bliss, protect me graciously
when I take my delicious food, when I participate in tiresome physical exercises ( such as wrestling, fencing, etc.), when I control and concentrate my mind to worship the lotus feet of my Lord which are praised by the ancient Devas; May the Peacock of my Lord likewise protect me well.

Ilamaiyil vaalibhaththil leridu vayothigaththil
Valararu mogachchi vandraan vanthuenaik kaakka kaakka
Oliyezhu kaalai munne lomsiva saami kaakka
Thelinadu pirpa kalkaal sivaguru naathan kaakka.

May my ever-flourishing Lord Arumuga graciously appear before my humble-self and protect me in my bov-hood, prime of youth and advancing old-age (when I will be affected with grey hairs, shrivelled limbs, disease and infirmity); May my Lord (Om) Sivaswami (Who is the basic Pranava Manthra) protect me in the early Morn (i.e. before sun-rise); My Lord Sivagurunathan (the Preceptor of Lord Siva) protect me during (the bright)Noon and Afternoon.

Note: Muthayyan means One who confers Mature Divine (wisdom and Liberates) us from the bondage or earthly ties.

Iragudaik kozhith thogaik Kiraimun iravil kaakka
Thitalludaich choorpa kaiththe thigazh pin iraavil kaakka
Naravuser thaal silamban nadunisi thannil kaakka
Maraithozhu kuzhaga nengooe maaraathu kaakka kaakka

May the Lord of the lovely feathered Cock and the plumed Peacock protect me in the prior part of the night; May my Lord, the Foe of the Egoistic Surapadma, protect me in the latter part of the night; May my Lord (Muruga) Whose Lotus Feet are adorned with anklets, and garlands of honeyful fragnant flowers, protect me at midnight; May my youthful Lord Kumara adored by the Vedas protect me (without any break or Slackness) for ever!

Inamenath thondarodu minakkidum cherry kaakka
Thanimayil koottamthannil saravana bhavanaar kaakka
Nanianubhoothi sonna naatharkone kaakka viththaik
Kanivodu soonadaasan kadavulthaan kaakka vandhe.

My my Lord, the *Setty, who is eminent and capable of acquainting me with and admitting me as a member of the
Coterie of His devotees protect me; May my Lord Saravanabhavanar protect me both when 1 am alone and in the
company of others; May the God and Guru of saint Arunagirinathar who composed and sang the immortal and
intensely devotional Kandar Anubhoothi songs (with divine wisdom) guard me for ever; May my Lord (Shunmuga) protect me (Kumaragurudasan) who has composed these precious verses (of powerful effect) to be chanted with the fullness of heart, zeal and devotion!

Note: The word *Setty means an adept who does his work to perfection. It also means, in common parlance, a merchant. Our Lord Muruga also plays the role of a merchnt because he exchanges (out of compassion for us) His precious goods of divine knowledge (for our self-effacement and salvation) to our worthless goods of the Ego.
Ignorance and Illusion of this mundane world.