Hassel Free Visit – Athi Varadar | Varadaraja Perumal Visit

As per the legend, the Lord Athi Varadar is taken out of the temple pond once in 40 years and the devotees can have darshan of the Lord for approx. 45 days at the Vasantha Mandapam, Varadaraja Perumal temple premises. Athi means Fig and hence Athi Varadar is the idol carved out of wood from a fig tree. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and we felt blessed to have the darshan of the Lord

Lord Athi Varadar placed in a standing position (Athi Varadar Nindra Kolam) from August 1

Hassle-free darshan of Athi Varadar

1. Plan you visit in weekday ( Monday – Thursday ) chose a Monday (especially to avoid large weekend crowds) and start at Brahma Muhurtham (3:00 am) if you are travelling from Banglore / Chennai. Packed some eats from home. An early start would ensure an easy way out of Bengaluru towards Kanchipuram. Do not stop for breakfast anywhere and manage with what you carried from home thus saving time too.

2. Main city entrance blocked and allowed only for locals / VVIP / VIP . You need to travel a little further to reach the city.

3. As you enter Kanchipuram city, follow signboards to the Athi Varadar temple. After driving for a few km inside the Kanchipuram city, park our vehicles at about a few km from the temple premises.

4. Plenty of car parking space available

5. Note down the Car Parking area name or landmark ëx. College name “. In case if you return by auto.

6. Autorickshaw / Buses ply from the parking area. Autorickshaw charge 30-50 per head, I do recommend as they drop near to the temple. Another 4-5 Km to reach Temple from Car Parking

7. After reaching the temple, find your queue. The separate queue for VVIP/VIP/Donor Pass and separate Queue for General Darshan. Get Donor Pass or VIP pass if you want to have darshan in few hrs.

8. I recommend VIP/ Donor Pass for Kids / elderly persons.

9. It took 1.30 hrs in VIP darshan (morning 6.00 AM)

10. While coming out, be on the right side of the fence, prasadam and sweets distribution happens within the premises. Have change with you.

11. Sweet ( 2 laddus and 3 adhirasam ) @Rs.100, apart from sweet they sell a variety of rice.

12. outside of temple entrance, there is a separate queue for anna prasadam.

13 . Catch autorickshaw for going back to car parking.

14. In case if you want to do shopping, do visit Kanchipuram silk sarees cooperative society. (Google it before leaving.)